Quickly becoming our best selling UAV thanks of its 2 hour endurance, great features and unmatched price point, this UAV package has everything beginners and experienced users are looking for they continued operations. Also available with an optional GNSS PPK upgrade for up to 3cm accuracy with no Ground Control Points.


1.5 hr

Paola Endurance 

3cm accuracy No. GCPs

Fully Autonomous

Fully autonomous 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Construction

ATALON Long Range

Long range links (+20 Kms) 


paola Parachute 

Why Choose The Aeromapper Talon? 

The Aeromapper Talon offers the easiest way to achieve professional georeferenced DEMs and orthomosaics. Fatures a strong foam body internally reinforced with carbon fiber, parachute recovery and belly landing available, 24 megapixel camera with many other sensor options, automatic lens cover door, easy handlaunch, 5 minutes setup time, 2 hours of endurance, easy to transport and +30km link range.
All units are delivered flight tested and ready to fly. The camera is installed in panoramic orientation for most optimal area coverage with maximum side overlap. Othomosaics of up to 1.5cm/pixel resolution are easy to achieve thanks to its low speed and incredible stability. It delivers georefenced imagery. Its fully modular constructions allows for quick easy replacement of parts.
No experience or training is required.
Ideal for confined areas or difficult terrain: its amazing climb angle of more than 45 degrees, plus its unique ability to safely deploy the parachute at very low altitudes makes the Aeromapper Talon the top choice for those difficult missions.

Optional Additions

and Pricing 

Talon case for page final

Aeromapper Talon complete mapping system ready to fly.

Includes 24 Mp camera, carrying cases, batteries, battery charger, accessories, hand-held controller with long range system, Manuals and Documentation, mission planning software, support package, 1 year Limited Warranty.

$ 9,980 USD

GNSS PPK upgrade:

High performance geodetic grade 20Hz Dual Frequency L1/L2 GNSS receiver integrated into the UAV and ready to use. Includes all support documentation. 

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Aeromapper Talon + Pix4DMapper Aeromao Professional edition (BUNDLE):

This bundle includes a dedicated version of Pix4DMapper, specifically tailored for the imagery produced by the Aeromapper family of UAVs. Licence can be installed in two separate computers. 

$ 15,680 USD

Agisoft Photoscan Professional unlimited:

Includes a single user licence to process unlimited imagery. 

$ 3,499 USD 

Hands-on flight training:

This training covers UAV preparation, mission planning and principles of image acquisition, preflight checklist, live flying and recovery.

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Online flight training:

Online training covers UAV preparation review, mission planning and principles of image acquisition, preflight checklist and recovery procedure.

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Parrot Sequoia and 24Mp RGB:

Obtain multispectral (NDVI) and RGB imagery simultaneously. Sequoia captures calibrated wavelength, Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared at 1.2 MP alongside RGB imagery at 16 MP. Includes GPS + IMU for easy full automatic work flow, while the Sony alpha obtains full RGB at 24 Megapixels. 

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Flir Vue Pro and 24Mp RGB:

Flir Vue captures georeferenced Thermal IR imagery at 640×512 resolution while the Sony alpha obtains full RGB at 24 Megapixels, while controlling the Flir camera from the GCS.

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Micasense Rededge:

Professional multispectral sensor available as a hot swappable payload. Captures Blue, Green, Red, Red edge and NIR. Includes GPS + IMU for automatic workflow, light sensor, higher resolution, and global shutter for the sharpest imagery. Extremely flexible and rugged.

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Forward looking day/night cameras with real time video downlink:

Swappable day or Thermal Infrared cameras with real time video downlink to ranges up to 15km. Cameras are stabilized in roll and tilt. Different fight modes allow for easy scan of the field making it an affordable high performance solution for observation and surveillance tasks. Ideal for anti-poaching, wildlife & environmental monitoring, perimeter monitoring, search and rescue. Flir Vue Pro series of cameras are available. Camera settings can be controlled remotely via the 30km range data link. Cameras also record HD video onboard for later analysis.  Includes complete GCS (Ground Control Station) ready to use.

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