Aeromapper Talon Professional Mapping Solution With 2 Hour Endurance = 14.7 Km2 (3600 acres) @ 5 cm/pixel per flight. And achieve cm accuracy with no GCPs.

Handlaunch. Map thousands of acres at cm accuracy. Parachute down safely. Repeat.

This is what the Aeromapper Talon was conceived for, repeatable consistent professional results, durability and affordability.

We are happy to announce the Aeromapper Talon has officially received a power upgrade that extends its flying time to two hours. This upgrade comes after many hours of research, flight testing and tuning. The Aeromapper Talon still maintain its standard key features such as being easy to handlaunch, parachute landing, fully autonomous flight, long range communications, GNSS PPK optional addition and more, making it even more unique in the industry.


The following chart describes some of the flight test results for area coverage Vs altitude per flight, at cruise speed, with full payload, 12 oC, and still having 8-10 minutes of flight available for recovery.


GSD  (ground resolution) Altitude  AGL   (meters) Area coverage per flight
1.6 cm/pixel 85 m 5.2 km2
2.4 cm/pixel 125 m 8 km2
4.8 cm/pixel 250 m 14.7 km2
7.8 cm/pixel 400 m 25 km2
11.7 cm/pixel 600 m 35 km2

– Results are with 30% side overlap and standard 24 Mp camera and lens included with the system


  • The Aeromappers are turnkey Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for remote sensing, mapping and surveying for professional use.
  • Aeromao Inc. manufactures three UAV systems: the Aeromapper Talon, Aeromapper 300 and the Aeromapper EV2.
  • The Aeromappers are the most complete UAV packages out there and with the most reasonable price, there’s no other UAV that offers such a complete set of features such as.
  • All the Aeromappers are handlaunched: no need for bulky and expensive launchers
  • Parachute recovery: land safely in confined spaces
  • The most reasonable price: complete package including camera, lens, accessories, carrying case, flight tested, batteries, charger, handheld controller, Instruction Manual, world class after sale support.
  • Fully modular, spare parts easily replaceable, always available in stock for immediate shipping worldwide
  • Training optionally available, but not required. The Aeromappers are very easy to operate, comes with detailed instruction manual and online training is also optionally available.
  • Georeferenced imagery: compatible with almost all image processing softwares out there
  • Extremely durable thanks to quality materials and clever designs: The Aeromapper Talon is made of durable EPO foam with internal carbon fiber and plastic reinforcements. It is guaranteed to be a tough working machine for years of use. The Aeromapper 300 is made of carbon fiber and kevlar. This UAV rivals or exceeds strength and durability military standards, it is a working horse made for years of use and abuse.
  • Proven track record, many units flying worldwide
  • Long range 2-way communications: 30kms, tested in BLOS flight operations.
  • Return to home upon loss of link
  • No experience or training required
  • Each and every unit is flight tested before delivery
  • All models have a camera lens protective door that automatically closes upon landing

Also, the Aeromapper Talon and 300 can fly with several sets of dual cameras:

  • Sony 24 Mp with Sequoia Multiespectral simultenaously, this one currently very popular for surveying and agriculture.
  • Sony 24 Mp with Flir thermal simultaneously.

Other swappable payloads available are:

  • GNSS PPK system for up to 3cm accuracy with No Ground Control Points.
  • Micasense RedEdge multispectral camera: five spectral discrete bands from a single camera
  • 42 Mp Sony camera with 35mm lens is available for the Aeromapper 300

The UAV systems are delivered fully flight tested and with all the accessories the user will require during normal use. All is required is just a laptop.


Talon with computer image(3)