Nothing but water all around?

The Amphibious version of the Aeromapper Talon allows maritime operations by autonomously belly landing on water. It’s the perfect solution for aerial observation, data collection and mapping thanks to its dual camera set up and video link range up to 20kms.

      Fully waterproof        

Long Range real-time video downlink

8 Km2 (1,976 acres) per flight @125 magl

20Mp nadir imagery + HD video

BVLOS capable (+30 Kms link range)

Expand your operations like never before by using lakes, rivers, and oceans as airfields.

Pack the Aeromapper Talon Amphibious drone on a boat and head to those islands that were impossible to map before, or survey along 30km of coastline that were unreachable by land, monitor the amount of algae that spread over the lake or finally get to survey that impenetrable marshland, or search those bird populations with its real-time video system.

How does it work?   The Aeromapper Talon Amphibious is fully waterproof, externally and internally. Even if filled up completely with water internally, it won’t sink, it won’t suffer any damage. Each component is waterproof and modular, minimizing maintenance costs.  This redundant approach that guarantees repeatability and dependability.

The drone allows for easy operation thanks to its autonomous take off upon hand launch,  autonomous navigation, and auto land.

Best of all, forget about paying an arm and a leg for a dependable – portable amphibious drone that are usually only a luxury of military budgets. The Aeromapper Talon amphibious comes in an affordable package and its components are modular and future-proof.  Its rugged and durable construction allows for repeated use and tough handling and still being very easy to repair in the field.

Capture 20Mp stills or HD video facing down, or add the optional forward-looking camera with long range real-time video link of exceptional image quality. The forward-looking camera can be panned from the hand-held remote control to look sideways and lock on points of interest by loitering the UAV around them.  The standard range of the video signal is 15-20 Km but it can be extended to 40km using our 24 dBi parabolic antenna (optional).

The forward-looking camera system comes complete and ready to use, including the heavy-duty Ground Control Station, with 10’’ LCD monitor and diversity receiver.

Best of all, you can still parachute down on dry land when required. The Aeromapper Talon Amphibious version also features our standard long-range capabilities for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations) (+30Km control and telemetry links).

"Reliable and unsinkable"


  •  Aeromapper Talon Unmanned System Ready to Fly. 
  •  One set of batteries for 2 hrs of flight time.
  •  +30 Km Link system.
  •  Sony 20mp camera.  
  •  Lipo Battery Charger. 
  •  User’s Manuals & Documentation. 
  •  Heavy duty carrying cases.
  •  Mission Planner Software
  • Construction: EPO foam (durable, easy to repair, carbon fiber reinforced).
  • Wingspan: 2 m.
  • Weight:3600 grams.
  • Endurance:2 Hours.
  • Launch: Very easy to hand-launch.
  • Takeoff: Fully automatic.
  • Landing: Automatic belly landing on water or land. Parachute landing on land available.
  • Range: +30kms. Tested in real BVLOS flight operations (Beyond Visual Line of Sight).
  • Max. Altitude:  About 4500  masl.
  • Cruise speed: 62Km/h.
  • Camera: 20Mp stills or up to 4K video, nadir orientation.
  • Flight modes: Manual, Stabilize, Return to Home, Fly be Wire (automatic holding altitude and airspeed), Auto.
  • Wind Tolerance: up to 45 km/h. for flight and autonomous belly landing.  25km/h for parachute landing.
  • Maximum speed: +85 Km/h – Great stability and minimal roll & pitch oscillations in gusty conditions = no gimbal required for cameras & sensors.
  • Failsafe: Automatically returns to home & loiter upon loss of RC link. Other fail-safe routines available.
  • Telemetry: Battery status, alt, ground speed, compass, altitude, distance traveled, time on air (speech enabled), and more than +200 parameters more.
  • Moving map display/telemetry: Drone position and heading, commands on map, fly to point on map, altitude changes, remote spot camera trigger, mission route, and more.
  • Weather: All-weather performance. -20oC to +40oC
Up to 2 hr endurance
Carbon Fiber
Exceptional wind resistance: 40 Km/h
ATALON Long Range
Long Range video downlink (15-40 Km video link range)
Fully Autonomous
BVLOS capable (+30 km link range)
24-36 MP RGB
20 Mp stills.

Dependable: Guaranteed survivability even with water intrusion thanks to its redundant design. Even if it gets full of water, it won’t sink and no internal components will suffer any type of damage. Marine grade.


Operate in offshore, flooded areas, rivers, lakes, from a moving boat, without ever setting foot on land.  Easily hand-launch from any boat and recover easily from the water.

Para down 2000 LOW SIZE

Parachute landing can also be used over dry land. The Aeromapper Talon is the only UAV in the world that belly lands on water, parachutes down on land, and carries a dual set of cameras for aerial observation and mapping.

Patrol large areas easily with the waterproof real-time video system with a link range of 20kms, extendable to 40km with parabolic antenna (Ask us for details). The system is delivered with a complete Ground Control Station.

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Ideal for surveyors, research institutes, inspection, emergency responders, search and rescue, surveillance, wildlife monitoring, river and coastal mapping, conservation and environmental efforts, hydrography, marine management, fisheries & water management.

Autonomously belly lands perfectly everytime on land or water.

Fly far with confidence: if you are flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight or in extreme conditions such as high winds the Aeromapper Talon can also be equipped with a convenient Locator beacon (optional). Alternatively, the UAV reports to the GCS the last known coordinates.

Pricing and Optional Additions:


Talon case for page final

Aeromapper Talon Amphibious complete mapping system ready to fly:

Includes 20 Mp camera, carrying cases, batteries, battery charger, accessories, hand-held controller with long range system, Manuals and Documentation, mission planning software, support package, 1 year Limited Warranty.

Amphibious long range FPV system:

The system consists of a waterproof camera setup with controllable panning, onboard video transmitter, Ground Control Station with redundant receiver capability, 10’’ LCD monitor conveniently integrated into a highly mobile rugged carrying case with swappable rechargeable batteries capable of many hours of operation in the field.  The GCS is designed for fast deployment and redundant link technology to guarantee a strong video signal independently of UAV orientation at long distances.

The System Includes:

  • Standard video link range: 15-20 Km. Extendable to 40 km with an optional parabolic antenna. Exceptional video link quality.
  • Camera records video in HD. Video signal can also be recorded from video receiver while in flight. (external video recorder included)
  • All onboard system components are waterproof.
  • Camera panning is controllable from a hand-held controller for maximum searching coverage. Keep a constant eye on a point of interest by panning camera sideways and loiter over the target while drone automatically maintains altitude and airspeed.
  • The camera system and Ground Control Station is plug-n-play. Includes: 10’’ LCD monitor, diversity receiver, long range antennas, tripod, power setup, and heavy duty waterproof case. Delivers high quality video in real time. Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Includes OSD (On Screen Display).