Nano Hyperspectral sensor now supported for Aeromapper 300. 

Aeromao Inc, has delivered an Aeromapper 300 customized and ready for the Nano-Hyperspectral camera from Headwell Photonics to the University of Brasilia, in Brazil.

Since the initial approval was granted the custom integration was performed in a record time of only a few weeks.

When it comes to find a UA­­­V dependable enough to trust such an expensive sensor, the Aeromappers are the obvious choice thanks to its affordability, dependability, ease of use, parachute recovery and the great level of support.

The Nano Hyperspectral camera is fully enclosed into the payload bay, meaning that the sensor is very well protected by the carbon fiber/Kevlar pod of the aircraft. A quick swappable mount is provided so the aircraft can be also used normally with other sensors such as the RGB 24 Mp camera included.

The Headwall’s Nano-Hyperspectral® sensor is a completely integrated hyperspectral camera designed for the VNIR (400-1000nm) spectral range, with interchangeable lens capability. A key advantage of the Nano-Hyperspectral is that it also includes 480GB of on-board data collection/storage, plus attached GPS/IMU functionality.

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RedEdge multispectral camera and Flir more years of success and drone developments!

Basic Specifications:

  • Spatial bands: 640
  • Spectral bands: 270
  • Frame rate: 350 Hz (maximum)
  • Dispersion per pixel (nm/pixel): 2.2
  • Lens options: 17mm, 4.8mm, 8mm, 12mm
  • Storage: 480 GB
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Weight: 520 grs  (excluding lens)

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If you want to learn more about how Hyperspectral imagery can benefit your business, we recommend to watch this 5 minutes video:

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With exports to more than 45 countries in less than 4 years after founding, Aeromao Inc. offers a line of products that adapt very quickly to market demands and to unique client’s applications, where no other UAV manufacturer goes. From wildlife monitoring in the Arctic to water quality monitoring in Saskatchewan, to urban mapping in Thailand, the Aeromappers are currently being used by private companies, research organizations, universities and government agencies all over the globe for a wide variety of applications.

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