Benefits of selecting our products and services
Enjoy World Class Customer Support
We provide fast, competent and friendly customer support. We always go the extra mile because we want you to achieve the highest return on investment on your UAV equipment. Your success is our success.
Complete Mapping Solutions
Our UAV systems are fully autonomous high-performance drones engineered for capturing high-resolution georeferenced imagery for a variety of industries and applications. From product manufacturing & sales all the way down to strategic consulting and training, we cover all aspects of your drone needs for your organization.
Future Proof and Affordable
You need UAV systems able to sustain years of use and abuse and you need to get the most out of your dollars. Our UAV systems are designed as dependable solutions at reasonable prices thanks to our advanced and clever manufacturing methods and experience, that are fully modular and adaptable to future trends.
Because Experience Counts
Aeromao Inc. initiated operations in Canada in 2011 after more than 10 years of field experience on mapping service internationally with UAVs and Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAVs), well before other manufacturers. We continued to operate our UAVs for surveying and research purposes since then in harsh conditions and remote places. We conceived our drones with the understanding of the typical challenges a drone operator faces in the field.
Professional Grade
Clients in more than 50 countries trust the Aeromappers for tasks such as water monitoring, agriculture, forestry, environmental efforts, wildlife scouting, inspection, oil and gas, natural resources management, surveying and construction. High performance doesn’t necessarily mean more complexity: 80% of our clients have cero previous drone experience and they are happy to have chosen the Aeromappers.
Always Improving
Over the years we have accumulated thousands of flight hours on hundreds of real projects and missions, in every type of environment and terrain, not to mention the time and money invested on our own research. Our drone designs and solutions are the result of all those years of continuous improvement. You can rest assured that your investment will be well supported well into the future.
The Aeromappers cover all your mapping and scouting needs
Designed to provide you the highest return on investment on your data collection operations, increasing the quality, boosting accuracy and allowing great area coverage with a multitude of sensors available.
Countries served
Years of experience
Flight Hours
Rugged all season mapping systems BVLOS proven in 50 countries since 2011.
We manufacture the Aeromapper series of turnkey fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles destined for mapping, remote sensing, surveying, scouting and inspection applications. The Aeromappers are currently operating in more than 50 countries by many clients including government institutions, private companies, universities and research organizations.

Our fixed wing drones continuously demonstrate BVLOS capabilities since 2016, large area coverage effectiveness and excellent wind resistance. We have a wide range of payloads available including but not limited to PPK/RTK, thermal infrared cameras for both mapping and surveillance, high resolution mapping cameras, multispectral sensors and HD video zoom cameras for scouting. Our drones can be customized easily to host other sensors or payloads to suite the specific needs of every client or any application.

Need to implement drones in your organization?

Each drone we manufacture is individually flight tested and delivered with a comprehensive Quick Start User Guide to facilitate users with no drone experience to fly and get data in just a few hours after receiving their UAV system. Our customers benefit from our unlimited world-class customer service with ongoing assistance and support.

Aeromao is proud of offering the only Amphibious fixed wing drone specially designed for maritime operations for both monitoring and mapping tasks that has been already used in BVLOS operations in several countries.

Need to implement drones in your organization? The Aeromappers have been the choice of different large-scale UAV programs both in Canada and other nations thanks to its dependability & ongoing drone implementation assistance. Aeromao also provides training & operational support, payload customizations & strategic consultation, service and maintenance, so that customers can focus in the data acquisition and their applications with a future-proof UAV fleet that’s always backed and supported.

We also provide end to end drone mapping services worldwide. Whether you just need the acquisition of data or the final deliverables in the shortest amount of time possible, we are your got-to partner. We fly the missions and deliver the data right to your desk. We assist clients with mission planning consultation, flights over difficult terrain or harsh conditions, PPK training and implementation, flight training, bids & RQFs, long distance linear missions, BVLOS missions (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), surveillance, inspection & scouting, very large areas or extreme weather.

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