Eyeshot Pro

The Eyeshot Pro provides uninterrupted observation for both vast areas as well as a constant view over a specific point of interest by loitering around it while observing. This payload includes a wireless live-video link system with a convenient & compact Ground Control Station. The camera records video in HD (1080p resolution). The camera can be panned left-right up to 90o degrees to each side.


  • Swappable with all other payloads
  • Affordable
  • Weather and waterproof
  • 20 km video link range
  • Thermal day/night and waterproof thermal-only versions available
  • 90o panning left-right. Operator can pan left-right from GCS.
  • 20kms video range (extendable to 30km by request, only available for the “dry” version of the Aeromapper Talon).
  • 4Ghz band. Supreme image quality with minimal noise.
  • Hot Swappable with all other payloads.
  • Can work with a 20Mp nadir camera for simultaneous mapping.
  • Environmentally sealed design.
  • Includes OSD (On Screen Display) with more than 50 flight and system status parameters.
  • Able to be operated by a single person.

Options and upgrades

  • Day/night: add the Flir Duo Pro R camera to see and record high definition color and thermal imagery. This camera combines a high resolution, radiometric thermal imager, and 4K color camera, plus fully integrated GPS receiver, IMU, magnetometer, and barometer.
  • Waterproof thermal sensor: add the MicroCam irGO Thermal Imaging Camera for your amphibious flight operations. The sealed design, impressive image quality and miniature design makes this camera the best combination for those applications where water and humidity are a factor.

Inspect wide areas very efficiently or maintain a constant eye over a point of interest or target on the ground, by having the drone loiter over it



    Search and Rescue

    Disaster response



    Oil & gas monitoring

    Powerlines inspection

    Utilities documentation, inspection &  monitoring

  Wildlife monitoring

  Situational awareness