Eyeshot Pro

The new generation real time video downlink system for the Aeromapper Talon is a swappable payload with impressive characteristics at an affordable price.

Why Choose The EyeShot Pro

Refined after years of real field applications, it is conceived for the professional or independent operator that wants a dependable observational platform from long distances. Ideal for applications such as surveillance & reconnaissance, inspection, wild life monitoring, anti-poaching efforts, research & environmental efforts, remote infrastructure monitoring, situational awareness.

The system consists of a modular & swappable payload onboard the aircraft that contains the camera, video transmitter and antennas, and a Ground Control Station with redundant receiver capability, 10’’ LCD monitor conveniently integrated in a highly mobile rugged carrying case with swappable rechargeable batteries capable of many hours of operation in the field. The GCS is designed for fast deployment and redundant link technology to guarantee a strong video signal independently of UAV orientation at long distances. The HD camera is swappable by a thermal Flir camera in seconds.

  • 10X optical zoom, fast auto-focus, records 1080p video.
  • Tilt stabilized. Operator can tilt from horizontal to vertical (nadir) from GCS. 180o degree panning coming soon.
  • 20kms video range (extendable to 40km by request).
  • 4Ghz band. Supreme image quality with minimal noise.
  • Range extendable to 40kms.
  • Hot Swappable so Aeromapper can be used with other payloads.
  • Can be flow simultaneously with a 20Mp nadir camera for simultaneous mapping.
  • Environmentally sealed design.
  • Includes OSD (On Screen Display) with more than 50 flight and system status parameters.
  • Fly in “search mode”: cero skills required: just steer left-right to navigate in this mode while and UAV will maintain automatically airspeed and altitude. Fully autonomous fight also available.
  • Able to be operated by a single person.
  • Optional: FLIR Vue Pro Thermal camera also available in swappable configuration.