Telescopic Masts

Our sturdy aluminum telescopic masts are perfect tools for elevated photography, survey stations, antenna deployment, sports filming, internet, ideal for either quick or permanent deployments. Available in extensions from 18ft to 60ft but still very portable. The widest base area from similar masts out there, offering the ultimate in stability and safety.

Certainly the best-selling push up man-portable telescopic masts, our masts are currently being used in more than 40 countries, enjoying a tremendous success.

Our range of aluminum push-up telescopic masts have a great reputation for being strong, reliable, durable and simple to use. They are currently being used for elevated photography, survey equipment, sport filming, antenna deployment and research.

We manufacture our masts with a strong four-leg stand with the widest base area, making them the most stable push up telescopic masts in the market. You don’t need a vehicle to provide stability to the mast and therefore you can access many more locations.

Why Choose Our Masts

Benefits of Aeromao Masts

  • All masts include 1 Year limited warranty.
  • All masts are extendable manually. No pumps, no complex extension devices, no power sources required.
  • All masts have over-extension safety stops.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • A small 2-3 ft ladder is required to extend the 60ft mast.
  • Mast can be easily rotated manually within the quadpod if required.
  • Delivered ready to use. No assembly required.
  • Made in Canada.
  • Worldwide shipping.

Mast Applications

  • Real Estate Photography and Builders
  • Property Portfolios
  • Architecture
  • Landscaping
  • Vacation Homes
  • Infrastructure and Roof Inspections
  • Planning
  • Police Scene Investigation
  • Restaurants
  • Virtual Tours
  • 360 Degree Panoramas
  • Surveys
  • Antenna Deployment
  • Research
  • Thermal Inspection of Structures and Buildings
  • Risk Assessment
  • Meteorological Instruments
  • Hotels

Pan – Tilt Camera Control System

We also manufacture very convenient wireless camera pan – tilt control system for cameras equipped with WiFi (such as Sony a5100 for example).

The system includes a handheld remote to control the panning and tilting of the camera. The system pans 360 degrees (free rotation) and tilts down 70 degrees. The remote control includes an adjustable bracket for your smartphone or tablet, so you can control your camera settings from your device conveniently, as well as use it as your viewfinder.

If your camera is not equipped with WiFi, you can still use our pan-tilt camera head by adding a Camranger system. We do not recommend the Bescor camera systems if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with 40-60 feet of cable every time you use the mast!

Pricing And Optional Additions

60 Feet Mast

  • Maximun height: 60ft (18.28m). Collapsed (or retracted) height: 6ft + 11in (2.11m). Weight: 48lb (22Kg).
  • Quadpod base area: 8ft x 8ft.
  • Max weight at tip when fully extended: up to 3.0 Kg (6.6 lb). Load can be increased when extending a lower height.
  • Number of sections: 11

$2,200 USD

40 Feet Mast

  • Maximun height: 40ft (12.2m). Collapsed (or retracted) height: 5ft + 10in (1.78m). Weight: 38lb (17Kg).
  • Quadpod base area: 6.5ft x 6.5ft.
  • Max weight at tip when fully extended: up to 4.0 Kg (8.8 lb). Load can be increased when extending a lower height.
  • Number of sections: 9

$1,470 USD

18 Feet Mast

  • Maximun height: 18ft (5.4m). Collapsed (or retracted) height: 4ft + 8in (1.4m). Weight: 28lb (13Kg).
  • Quadpod base area: 4.5ft x 4.5ft (can be customized).
  • Max weight at tip when fully extended: up to 13.5 Kg (30 lb). Load can be increased when extending a lower height.
  • Number of sections: 5

$1,400 USD

Pan Tilt Camera Control System

The system is delivered ready to use and includes:

  • Pelican case.
  • Pan – tilt camera control with device bracket.
  • Two Lipo batteries.
  • Lipo battery charger.
  • Camera and smartphone not included.

$979 USD